Fairies, Aliens, and Zombie teachers…It’s Halloween!

Halloween’s tomorrow, folks, so get your costumes ready, buy some candy, or do whatever else that puts you in a festive mood. For example, I myself have been watching the Halloween episodes for a bunch of cartoons all week, to put the “ha” back in Halloween.  If you’re looking for something to watch before/on the big night, here are a few notable ones (in no particular order) that might be worth checking out: Continue reading


Be Cool, man. It’s a Cartoon

One week left ’till Halloween, about time for everyone to buy their costumes. Traditionally, most people get costumes to go trick-or-treating for candy or join costume parties, but, if you’re like me and prefer a little more utility with your annual frivolous purchases, there’s also a third option: dress in a scary costume to cash in on a local myth/superstition, acting as a convoluted, latex-covered distraction that conceals your black-market schemes by scaring away meddlers. What? It works for the bad guys in the Scooby-Doo universe. Breaking into a bank? Smuggling contraband? Counterfeiting legal tender? Just put on your old mask and scream at whoever comes your way, and your plans will go off without a hitch… unless you come across a group of hippies with a dog. Continue reading

The Grim Skim

‘Tis the season to be spooky! Because of that, I’m continuing the theme I started last week by putting the spotlight (or rather, ‘spooklight’…ok, I’ll stop) on another cartoon with an eerie theme. However, unlike Courage the Cowardly Dog, the show I’m talking about this week tends to be more creepy than horrific but is still prone to giving a good laugh. Prepare yourself nonetheless, because things are about to get…Grim. Continue reading

None of My Friends Watch Mad Men

Good stories are better when they’re shared with friends. This is easy to forget when there are so many viewing options on your computer, your tablet, even your phone, which encourage you to sit by yourself, plug in your headphones and tune out the world. We forget that stories were invented to be shared, that they are supposed to bring us closer to other people. So why is it that none of my friends will watch Mad Men with me? Continue reading