Cartoon Cartoon Christmas: Twas the Fight Before Christmas


Merry Christmas! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday and are able to share it with family and loved ones. If you’re reading this (which I appreciate), I’m sure you’ve got holiday traditions and other plans filling up your schedule, so I’ll get right to it. I’ll be taking a quick look at The Powerpuff Girls’ “’Twas the Fight Before Christmas.”

The Powerpuff Girls premiered in 1998 and is all about three super-powered preschool girls who were created in a lab by Professor Utonium. Together, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup use their “ultra-super powers to fight crime and the forces of evil,” and, in this special, they save Christmas (of course). Continue reading


Cartoon Cartoons Christmas: A Johnny Bravo Christmas

Christmas is the time when even the Grinchiest of hearts can grow three sizes with love and the most selfish can take time to think of others, even if they’re vain, sunglass-wearing goofballs that talk like bad Elvis impersonators. At least, that’s what Johnny Bravo’s “A Johnny Bravo Christmas” taught me. Continue reading

The Value of Villains

A hero’s story is defined by the conflict that he faces. In movies and TV, that conflict usually takes the form of an antagonist. If there were no vampires, what would be the point of being The Vampire Slayer? If Lilly Kane hadn’t been murdered, Veronica Mars might never have become a PI. If the Alliance hadn’t been formed, Malcolm Reynolds would not have become a space pirate. Continue reading

Cartoon Cartoons Christmas Specials: “Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y”

Nothing gets me more excited for a holiday than watching themed specials and episodes about it on TV, and Christmas is certainly no exception. Growing up, I loved watching reruns of animated Christmas specials throughout December, and I still do to this day. Since I’m in a festive mood, I want to spend the next few weeks talking about some of my beloved childhood specials, as well as what they say about Christmas, and, since I’m still a sucker for alliteration, I’m going to focus on the specials made by the Cartoon Cartoons.


For those that don’t know, Cartoon Cartoons is the brand Cartoon Network used to mark a number of the original shows it produced from 1996 to 2003, most of which have Christmas specials. If you’ve got a sec, have a cup of eggnog and join me while I talk about them. Who knows, maybe we’ll learn about the true meaning of Christmas together. Continue reading