Characters We Love…to Hate

There are tons of characters that are easy to hate, and I’m not talking about ones that are purposely made that way, like a good villain. I’m talking about those who are unintentionally hateable. Within their stories, their inane actions are usually played for straight and are somehow taken seriously, but those same actions make us despise those characters more than we would any villain (if they are villains, then even more so).  We all have at least one character, if not a dozen, that can get under our skin, and we roll our eyes whenever they appear onscreen. Continue reading


All You Need is Love?

Confession time: I binged the entire first season of You’re the Worst in one sitting the other day. No regrets, because it is an amazing show. It is also, to my surprise, one of the most romantic shows I have ever seen. I don’t mean candlelit dinners and grand thoughtful gestures. I mean that this show believes in the idea of “Love” in a way that very few other shows, movies, and people are willing to commit to.

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Change of Scenery: The X-Files

“Change of Scenery” is a series in which Nathan and Jordan watch something that neither of them has seen before, and write their reactions to it. Some entries will be old stuff that they should definitely have seen by now; some will be new or relatively obscure things. Jordan’s response will come out on Tuesday, and Nathan’s comes out on Friday. In honor of its brand new miniseries, this week’s show is The X-Files.

Welcome to X-Files week here at Window Seat! Neither of us has ever seen this show before, which is mostly tragic and also a bit impressive, but we are here to remedy that. It seems like one of those shows that you don’t get a good sense of from the first two or three episodes, so we got some episode recommendations from the first few seasons, and went with those. Without any further ado, here are my first thoughts. Continue reading

A Rugrats Retrospective: Tommy’s First Birthday

Congratulations! A new Baby New Year has been born. Cherish it, because, as it grows up, it’ll have plenty of surprises for you: blessings, challenges, and frustrations. Regardless, we’ve been given a gracious gift, and it’s up to us to live up to the responsibilities that come with it, slowly improving ourselves and moving forward every day. If we make the most of it, this year might just grow up to be a good one.

Since we’re talking about babies, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a journaling project I’ve been working on about the show Rugrats (because, you know,…babies).  Even though we’re moving forward into a new year, I hope that we never forget the value of gleaning from the past on occasion, which I hope this project will help me do more of.    Continue reading