Just Duos

It turns out that we care more about duos than literally anything else in the world…here is a brief list of 80 different duos that we love to watch/read about/see on stage/etc…and even this is incomplete (and unranked).

Add your favorite duos in the comments!

  • Violet and Dash (The Incredibles)

    Wait a second…
  • The Baker and His Wife (Into the Woods)
  • Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
  • Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible)
  • Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)
  • Merry and Pippin (Lord of the Rings)
  • Statler and Waldorf (The Muppet Show)
  • Kermit and Miss Piggy (The Muppet Show)
  • Veronica Mars and Mac (Veronica Mars)
  • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl (The Incredibles)
  • Georges and Dot (Sunday in the Park with George)
  • Steven and Connie (Steven Universe)
  • Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (Sherlock)
  • The 10th Doctor and Donna (Doctor Who)
  • Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)
  • Mal and Zoe (Firefly)
  • Simon and River (Firefly)
  • Zoe and Wash (Firefly)
  • The Brothers Bloom
  • Jaye and Sharon Tyler(Wonderfalls)
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
  • Agents 86 and 99 (Get Smart)
  • Greg and Wirt (Over the Garden Wall)
  • Buffy and Giles (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)
  • Victor and Sierra (Dollhouse)
  • Peggy and Jarvis (Agent Carter)
  • Liv and Ravi (iZombie)
  • Quinn and Rachel (UnReal)
  • King Richard and Gareth (Galavant)
  • John Luther and Alice (Luther)
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Chip and Dale
  • Batman and Robin
  • Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Sonic and Tails
  • Shawn and Gus (Psych)
  • J.D and Turk (Scrubs)
  • Samurai Jack and the Scottsman
  • The Swat Kats
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Mike and Sully (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Timon and Pumbaa (The Lion King)
  • Inigo Montoya and Fezzik (The Princess Bride)
  • Pinky and the Brain
  • Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation…) (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  • Spongebob and Patrick
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo
  • Arnold and Gerald (Hey, Arnold!)
  • Ash and Pikachu (Pokemon)
  • Hiro and Baymax (Big Hero 6)
  • Hiccup and Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Drake and Josh
  • Zim and GIR (Invader Zim)
  • Bulk and Skull (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)
  • Kenan and Kel
  • Rita and Runt (Animaniacs)
  • Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland (Gravity Falls)
  • Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
  • Kenshin Himura and Sannosuke Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • Yzma and Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove)
  • Han Solo and Chewbacca (Star Wars)
  • Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond)
  • Goku and Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
  • Agent J and Agent K (Men in Black)
  • Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
  • Jack Kelly and Davy (Newsies)
  • Tommy and Chuckie (Rugrats)
  • Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Snoopy and Woodstock (Peanuts)
  • Linus and Lucy Van Pelt (Peanuts)
  • Adrian Monk and Sharona (Monk)
  • Benedick and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Dipper and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

    Awkward Sibling Hug? Awkward Sibling Hug.

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